Boutique Day

Our work culminates in ‘Boutique Day‘, held annually in early spring.

Throughout the year, You Wear it Well collects donations of new and used formal wear, shoes, and accessories. Grad outfits, including formal gowns, suits and tuxedos, shoes, jewelry, and accessories, are available for the students to choose and keep, free of charge. Hair styling, makeup application, professional photos, and a buffet are just some of the services available to students.

Each grad is provided with a Personal Assistant to help them navigate the day, and receives a ‘swag bag’ containing toiletries and personal items to take with them when they go. The personal assistant is a positive role model and spends the day celebrating the student’s success, discussing his/her future plans, and ensuring that each student feels pampered and special.

The cost of attending grad festivities is prohibitive for our students and their families. It has been our experience that students who participate in our program are motivated to stay in school and graduate.

For more information on where to drop off donations, please see our list under the ‘How to Help’ tab, or email us at