Wish List

All student attire needs to be clean and in good repair.  Please remember that these items will be worn by grads who appreciate current styles.    We do not accept casual clothing or short dresses.

Tax receipts will be issued for new items with tags attached.

We are always in short supply of plus size items (including shoes) for both men and women!!

We need:

  • Formal long dresses (no wedding gowns or short dresses).
  • Ladies’ dress shoes
  • Ladies’ clutch purses/evening bags
  • Ladies’ shawls, wraps, and scarves (no winter scarves, please)
  • Jewelry – necklaces, earrings (including clip-on), bracelets, rings
  • Tiaras, rhinestone headbands and other formal hair jewelry/clips
  • Men’s suits – 2 or 3 piece.  Please ensure that the styles are current
  • Men’s dress shirts (no t-shirts, golf shirts, or casual styles)
  • Men’s dress shoes
  • Men’s “funky” shoes – e.g., converse running shoes, skate shoes in bright colours or unusual designs
  • Men’s belts
  • Socks – new only.  We do not accept used socks.
  • Men’s accessories – chain necklaces, earrings, sunglasses, tie clips, fedora-style hats, etc.
  • Men’s ties, bow ties, and suspenders
  • pocket squares in all colours.

Other items:

  • NEW, UNOPENED make up – eye shadow, foundation, mascara, lipstick, eye liner, etc.
  • Hairdressing supplies – boxes of bobby pins, hairspray, gel etc.
  • NEW, UNOPENED men’s grooming supplies – hair gel, body wash, deodorant, shave cream, etc.

CASH DONATIONS can be made through our secure server on our website (www.youwearitwell.org), or by contacting info@youwearitwell.org.  All cash donations are tax deductible.

Your generosity and ingenuity can make a huge difference for a deserving graduate. Please contact us to inquire about unique donation ideas.